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Extended Hideaway


The Boca Raton


Extended Hideaway

Bungalows is ideal for long-term stays, with a terrace or balcony in every gracious suite, and washers and dryers in Premium units. This residential hideaway offers exclusive amenities like a private pool and a newly designed reception lounge, all nestled in a serene corner of The Boca Raton with easy access to everything the resort has to offer.

Make Yourself at Home

With gracious living spaces and easy access to everything else at The Boca Raton, Bungalows provides the perfect excuse to kick back and stay awhile. A residential hideaway, Bungalows offers 58 two-bedroom suites with terraces or balconies. Tucked in a serene corner of the property, Bungalows offers exclusive amenities, such as a private pool, as well as washers and dryers in Premium units. Bungalows is just begging you to make yourself at home.

  • Ideal for long-term stays
  • Two-bedroom suites
  • Effortless Florida charm
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Two-Bedroom Bungalows with Kitchen

Stay Awhile

Bungalows’ apartment-style accommodations are ideal for long-term stays. Settle into endless days exploring our waterfront oasis and make memories with our vibrant community of residents, members, and guests.

Neighbors & Friends

Bungalows welcome residents and guests to join a vibrant community like no other. No matter which accommodation you choose, all guests are invited to experience, explore, discover all The Boca Raton has to offer.